EventScribes is a group of professional illustrators who collectively create eye-catching reports of that which has been discussed and agreed at international events and conferences. We draw the speakers, the comments from the audience and the examples given on the subject of that day.

The artwork is complete at the end of your conference and reflects everything that happened and what was said: a really great way to wrap up your conference!

We display the picture at reception. That way all the participants can have another good look at the drawings, and share on social media those things about the day that had the greatest impact on them.

Within a few days of the event we will send you a good quality photo of the illustration which you can share electronically with your guests or use for printing purposes.

Details of the artwork can also be used as illustrations when covering this significant subject at a later stage. You purchase our illustrated report with all copyrights.

If you are considering having an illustrated report made at your next event or conference, please contact EventScribes for further details! We have a great deal of experience with large international conferences and will be happy to brainstorm with you about a visual report that will be sure to stun your guests.

Kindly contact Ageeth at EventScribes via email or telephone on: +31 6 51364323 /